Buying a car is a matter of trust

Aiways U6 yellow with driver

Statistically, buying a car is the second most expensive purchase in a person’s life. Only owning real estate is an even more significant purchase. But the following applies to both: You don’t make a decision like this on a whim. It needs to be carefully considered, it requires trust and a strong partner. To be able to offer exactly that, Aiways has decided on a special sales model.

With every fundamental change, every advance that man has made, our behavior and even our thinking has also changed. The change from fossil drives to purely electric drives will not only change our awareness and feelings once again, but also the way we act. The switch to electromobility is therefore not only the biggest upheaval ever to take place in the automotive industry from a technological perspective. Above all, it is an upheaval that brings with it completely new challenges from an emotional perspective.

Klose: Aiways aims to promote awareness of sustainable mobility

“We want to get people thinking differently,” explains Dr. Alexander Klose, Executive Vice President Overseas Operations at Aiways. “We want to promote awareness of sustainability and, in the process, demonstrate that switching to electromobility is easier and more convenient than imagined. But this requires trust, which is why we have sought strong partners in Europe to drive the change together with us.”

The changes that the switch to zero-emission, whisper-quiet and highly comfortable electromobility brings for many customers need confidence. And confidence in the decision is made possible by Aiways with its network of strong partners.

Change needs trust: Aiways as a strong partner on new paths

In Germany, customers therefore come into contact with the innovative and spacious Aiways U5 SUV and the dynamic Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé (from Q2 2023) in a completely new kind of environment: At fifty highly specialized Euronics outlets. There, prospective customers can expect not only personal expert advice and the greatest know-how, but also the lived Aiways philosophy “Love your Drive”: open-mindedness towards new technologies, explaining and consolidating understanding is the basis for trust in the new.

For Aiways, however, trust is not limited to advice and personal support during the purchase, but above all through first-class service over the entire service life of the vehicles. With ATU as a partner, Aiways can therefore not only rely on the largest workshop chain in Germany, but also on decades of service experience. In addition to the 50 highly specialized Aiways service centers, which can ensure the fastest processing of maintenance and repair work thanks to special spare parts logistics, Aiways customers can drive to any of the more than 500 ATU service centers throughout Germany and thus also receive the help and support they need locally at any time.

Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé yellow

Modern service solutions: More than an anonymous ticket in an app

It is well known in psychology that interaction with real people creates a greater emotional connection than purely digital communication. To enable precisely this personal relationship to develop, Aiways relies on its individual sales and service models as opposed to purely app-based care solutions. After all, it is the combination of central and efficient management with the support of local partners operating throughout the country that forms the most important building block for customer-oriented advice and smooth service.