Progress brings change

Aiways U6 inside

Change must be understood as the rule, not as the ruler. Even if few public debates are as controversial as those on sustainability, these groundbreaking decisions must be made on an individual basis. To this end, Aiways relies on a closely meshed sales network. Only a customer who is well informed and is aware of all the options can make the best decision.

The past few years have been challenging in many different dimensions. From the Covid pandemic with its contact restrictions and lockdown obligations, the extreme tension in healthcare and the globally interconnected economy, and the European energy crisis, events are creating uncertainty in many places.

Furthermore, considering climate change and the ever-louder voices calling for change, further groundbreaking decisions are pending which, partly driven by political decisions, often clash with our own habits. Particularly in these times of uncertainty, external pressure is often a source of resentment, as recent surveys on the topics of “combustion engine ban” and “electromobility” have shown.

Majority takes a critical view of the combustion engine ban and remains skeptical about e-mobility

This is clearly reflected in the results of the latest surveys conducted by ARD-Deutschlandtrends and the consulting firm Deloitte. A good two-thirds, for example, reject the EU’s ban on new registrations of vehicles with internal combustion engines from 2035.

According to Deloitte, however, the low maintenance costs for an electric car are a positive factor, as is the greater sustainability of battery-electric vehicles and, not least, the financial incentives offered by government subsidies. However, most respondents still see problems with the charging infrastructure and the range of e-vehicles.

Aiways stands for e-mobility and wants to convince through personal contact

Objections and reservations are justified in many cases. However, in many scenarios, electric mobility is already convincing today. The efficiency of electric drive, for example, is unbeaten, as is the comfort when driving or the significantly lower maintenance requirements.

“Aiways has taken a pioneering role with its decision to build only battery-electric vehicles,” explains Dr. Alexander Klose, Executive Vice President Overseas Operations at Aiways. “Our MAS platform is free of technical compromises and can therefore fully exploit the advantages of electric propulsion. We want to let our customers experience these benefits for themselves in a personal conversation and during a test drive. Your own impression is often not only the most convincing, but also the decisive one.”

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Strong sales and service network in Europe provides advantages

With over 150 sales points in 15 European countries, Aiways has become one of the strongest Chinese manufacturers in the EU just a few years after its founding. The focus of further expansion continues to be on strong local partners who can not only explain the benefits of electric mobility to customers, but also demonstrate them in real life and realistic usage scenarios.

Personal contact and experiencing electromobility firsthand is a key to success. After all, the uncomplicated, enjoyable and completely new driving experience that a battery-electric vehicle provides often makes the decision to change far easier.