Aiways on the road to the future

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Following the conclusion of a multi-week executive and investor retreat, Aiways announces strategic changes and appoints a new Chief Executive Officer, Hugo Zhu, to drive the company’s further development and increased focus on its Overseas business.

With the appointment of the new CEO, the company is following a clear direction on the path to further transformation. One of his first tasks will be to give the company a leaner organisational structure. This step aims to improve communication, decision-making and overall efficiency. The simplified structure should enable employees to take on more responsibility and create a more flexible and responsive working environment.

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During these significant changes, the company’s management will be supported by the company’s founder Samuel Fu, to ensure stability and continuity within the transition period. He remains in his position as president of the company and will play a role in the daily operations. This is to provide additional leadership to the organisation during the transition, as it adapts to the new structure and goals.

Restructuring and focus on growth markets

The focus of Aiways will shift to non-Chinese markets with greater growth and profitability potential. The User Centre within China will continue to operate in order to provide the same level of service to Aiways customers, but resources beyond this will be pooled for other initiatives.

“Overall, we will be able to position the company for the necessary changes and improvements under the new leadership,” Dr Alexander Klose, Vice President Aiways Overseas Operations and Managing Director Aiways Automobile Europe GmbH is optimistic after last week’s workshops. “The simplified structure, the solution of internal problems, the focus on the customer and the strengthening of research and development for the Overseas markets are strategic steps on the way to a more agile and successful organisation.”