Every element is a statement

aiways u6 suv coupe design

It is not only the contrast of the metropolises in which he is at home, it is also the contrast of an industry that is changing even faster than the design trends in the pulsating heart of Shanghai that constantly inspire Dongfei Luo. Luo is the driving force behind Aiways’ innovative design philosophy, which is both functional and futuristic and reflects the brand’s values and vision.

“For us, design is a language that communicates without words – it’s about conveying the essence of our brand and creating an emotional connection with our customers,” says Dongfei Luo, Vice President Design at Aiways, on the idea behind developing the guidelines for the brand’s stylistic direction. “Our philosophy is to create ‘intelligent design’ that is intuitive and innovative. We believe that good design must be honest – it embodies the quality and integrity of our brand. In doing so, we focus on creating elements that are both timeless and forward-thinking. Driving an Aiways vehicle should be an experience that goes beyond simply traveling. It’s about connecting with a vehicle that combines the dynamics of electric mobility and the heritage of classic automotive design.”

aiways all electric u5 suv design

The Aiways design strives to achieve harmony between man and machine, between technology and nature, and between aesthetics and efficiency.

“While other brands may be loud, we prefer to speak with a subtle yet powerful tone. Our models are carefully designed to maintain a balance between robust and elegant lines, making them instantly recognizable. Aiways isn’t just about the look of a car, it’s about the feel of it.”

Building a new brand identity with the Aiways U5 SUV

The U5 is the perfect example of this philosophy. Every line, every curve has been designed with the intention of creating a balance between aerodynamics and aesthetics. In other words, with elegance and simplicity in mind. “We were inspired by the natural world, by the flowing form of water and the robust constitution of a rock. These natural contrasts are reflected in the U5 and its gentle, flowing lines,” says Luo.

Every design element of the U5 tells a story and fulfills a purpose. One example is the clear, muscular side line, which not only makes a visual statement but also offers aerodynamic efficiency. The front design with its distinctive LED daytime running lights emphasizes the technologically advanced character of the U5, while the horizontal orientation of the interior creates an open and inviting atmosphere. These elements work hand in hand to paint a coherent picture of strength and elegance. In every aspect of an Aiways, a thoughtful design decision must be evident, addressing both the needs of the driver in everyday life and creating an emotional connection to the vehicle.

Evolution to the Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé: a vision becomes reality

“The U6 SUV-Coupé is our commitment to innovation. We started with the U5 to create a basis – solid, reliable and aesthetically pleasing. With the U6, we wanted to go beyond that, push the boundaries of design and create a vehicle that not only represents the here and now, but also symbolizes the future of mobility. It was an opportunity to be bold, break the conventions and make a statement that proclaims our vision for the years to come,” Luo summarizes the vision behind the Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé.

aiways u6 suv coupe design

The profile of the lifestyle coupé has been significantly streamlined compared to the conventional silhouette of the U5 SUV to create an even more dynamic flyline. The roofline flows gently into the rear section and ends in a striking spoiler that emphasizes the sportiness of the coupé design. The front of the U6 is defined by a reinterpreted grille design and an even bolder lighting design. These elements, combined with the sharpened lines and sculpted surfaces, give the U6 SUV-Coupé an avant-garde character that clearly sets it apart from the U5 SUV.

Design in harmony with technology

What both models have in common, however, is that design goes hand in hand with technology in the world of Aiways. “Aiways stands for a journey of design that continues with each new model and opens up a future in which technology enriches life. Our vision is to offer our customers vehicles that combine innovation and aesthetics without compromise,” concludes Dr. Alexander Klose. Executive Vice President Operations at Aiways.