Promoting talent to strengthen the dynamic corporate structure

the start up mentality at aiways' european headquarters in munich is inspiring with its flat hierarchy and the large scope for responsibility and creativity

Aiways is launching a wide-ranging talent development program with partnership projects at two renowned universities. Students from Munich EU Business School and Fresenius University of Applied Sciences can solve practical tasks in various subject areas and thus recommend themselves to the industry.

The case study competition focuses on the areas of “Sustainability”, “Customer Experience”, “Brand Network Management” and “Strategic Marketing Campaigns” and is weighted differently for each university.

Aiways x Munich EU Business School Collaboration

In this partnership, students will focus on the challenges of the European vehicle market, especially in light of economic changes and the discussion about government subsidies for electric vehicles. Participants will develop innovative strategies to increase brand awareness for Aiways in a complex and heterogeneous market environment.

the cooperation with the munich eu business school and the fresenius university of applied sciences supports the talent search

Aiways x Fresenius University of Applied Sciences Collaboration

The collaboration with the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences aims to develop creative and forward-looking approaches to increase Aiways’ brand visibility in the competitive environment of the European electric car industry. The students will develop comprehensive marketing campaigns, including ideas on branding and messaging, as well as digital marketing and influencer relations.

Dynamic start-up culture in the heart of Munich

The winners of the competition will be rewarded with a paid internship with the prospect of a permanent position at Aiways’ European headquarters in Munich. The location is the heart and brain of the Aiways brand’s overseas activities and is characterized by a unique start-up mentality. With flat hierarchies and large areas of responsibility, Aiways offers its employees an inspiring working environment where creativity and initiative are key.

In this dynamic environment, young talents and experienced professionals alike can develop their ideas and visions freely and together. The opportunity to actively contribute to the design of future-oriented electromobility solutions generates a high level of motivation and promotes a culture of innovative thinking and action. This philosophy reinforces Aiways’ position as a leading company in electromobility and an attractive employer in the automotive industry.

“Our collaborations with renowned universities are a central component of our strategy to attract and promote innovative talent,” says Dr. Alexander Klose. Executive Vice President Operations at Aiways, enthusiastically. “The dynamic and flexible corporate structure at Aiways enables us to quickly pick up on and implement fresh ideas, which gives us a decisive advantage in the competition for skilled workers.”

students are allowed to develop several concepts on different topics for aiways

Aiways – A company with a future

Despite the challenges in the automotive industry, Aiways is sending a clear signal for growth and innovation with these initiatives. The partnerships with universities and the continuous search for qualified employees demonstrate Aiways’ commitment to further expanding its position as a leading player for price-conscious electromobility in Europe.