Looking back on a dynamic year and looking ahead to a promising future

aiways u5 sweden dynamic 59

The festive season is just around the corner, a time for pause and reflection that is celebrated in many cultures around the world. Especially in these turbulent times, these festivals remind us of the importance of traditions, community and cohesion.

For us at Aiways, 2023 was a year full of dynamic developments, challenges and setbacks, but also decisive progress. Despite global challenges and a demanding market environment, we set important milestones in 2023.

231220 aiways som weihnachten n

One of the highlights of this year was undoubtedly the successful premiere of the Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé in Lisbon. The overwhelmingly positive response from the press and the subsequent driving reports in the European trade media have exceeded our expectations and confirm the high quality and attractiveness of our vehicles.

We have learned and adapted to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing market. The restructuring and continuous optimization of our processes were necessary steps to prepare Aiways for successful years ahead. In an environment in which government subsidies and purchase incentives are increasingly being cut back, we have positioned ourselves as a manufacturer whose U5 SUV and U6 SUV Coupé models not only impress with their price-performance ratio, but also with their quality and innovation.

aiways u5 sweden dynamic 59

The coming year promises to be even more exciting. We will focus on new products and further expansion in Europe. Our vision of sustainable and inspiring electromobility drives us forward and motivates us to continue on our path of innovation.

I would like to thank you, dear media partners, as well as our employees, partners and companions for your commitment. Without your cooperation and commitment, the success of Aiways would not be possible. Together we have achieved a great deal and together we are facing a promising future.

In the words of generative AI, one of Aiway’s key IT research fields this year, the year can be summarized as follows:

In winter’s embrace, under festive lights’ glow,
A tale unfolds of electric roads to sow.
Love your drive, with joy as your guide,
Enter the world where electric dreams reside.

From Aiways, a gift to the road,
The U5 SUV, a powerful ode.
Silent whispers of wheels that glide,
An electric state of mind, in every ride.

Through snow-kissed lanes, where dreams take flight,
The U6 SUV-Coupé, sleek and bright.
In the quiet hum of an electric spree,
A journey of elegance, a mobility decree.

Love your drive, in the hush of the night,
In an Aiways world, where futures alight.
Electric dreams in motion, a symphony so fine,
A holiday drive in the electric line.

So, let’s celebrate the season, hand in hand,
In the Aiways realm, where eco-dreams expand.

With love for the drive, and electric cheer,
Wishing you a festive time, and a green New Year.