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Recharge your Curiosity. 

With every fundamental change humankind has undergone, our behaviour and even our brains changed right along with it. The shift from fossil power units to electric engines will once again transform the way we think, feel and act as human beings. With Aiways‘s emission-free, silent and highly comfortable EVs, we aim to reach what we call the #ElectricStateofMind. A condition in which we feel more balanced, focused and relaxed than ever. A state that allows us to use our energy for what really matters. 

Breathe. Listen. Let go. And embrace the #ElectricStateofMind. 

With #ElectricStateofMind we want to focus on what makes the experience of owning and driving an electric vehicle – more specifically the Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé – so special: peace of mind. 

Not just peace of mind with regards to contributing to the move towards to a sustainable future but also when actually driving the car. From anecdotal evidence, we know that driving an electric vehicle will make for a more relaxing and comfortable experience, both across long distances and for shorter urban driving. We want to prove this thesis and give both automotive journalists and Influencers the chance to experience what it means to reach the #ElectricStateofMind.

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Explore e-mobility with #LoveYourDrive

We want to slow things down with short everyday escapes, but also open up new horizons and literally recharge the battery.

Bold looks and a premium feel.

The new Aiways U6 is a fully electric SUV that combines passion with innovation. Built on the same state-of-the-art platform as the U5, it offers a smooth electric driving experience, powerful battery technology and advanced driver assistance systems.

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