Electric State of Mind

Breathe. Relax. Let go.

The benefits of electromobility are multi-layered and cannot simply be answered with high efficiencies, the associated lower energy demand and the correspondingly better impact on the environment. In an increasingly fast-moving world of progress, the switch to e-mobility can also provide more balance, focus and relaxation – which is why Aiways has made this feature the guiding theme for the PR launch campaign of the new Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé: #ElectricStateOfMind.

The #ElectricStateOfMind is a state in which we feel more balanced, focused and relaxed than ever before, a state that allows us to use our energy for what really matters. Breathing. Listening. Letting go. With “Electric State of Mind,” we want to focus on what makes the experience of owning and driving an electric vehicle – more specifically, the Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé – so special: tranquility. This is not only in knowing you’re contributing to the transition to a sustainable future, but also while driving the car.

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Let’s change
our energy and
embrace more
sustainable power.

The switch to electromobility is not only the biggest upheaval in the history of the automotive industry from a technological point of view. It also brings completely new challenges from an emotional perspective, starting with familiar units of measurement and moving on to habits such as gearshifts and familiar noises, and finally to a completely different fuel.

Change must be understood as the rule, not as the ruler. Even if few public debates are as controversial as those on sustainability, these groundbreaking decisions must be made on an individual basis. To this end, Aiways relies on a closely meshed sales network. Only a customer who is well informed and is aware of all the options can make the best decision.

The past few years have been challenging in many different dimensions. From the Covid pandemic with its contact restrictions and lockdown obligations, the extreme tension in healthcare and the globally interconnected economy, and the European energy crisis, events are creating uncertainty in many places.  

Furthermore, considering climate change and the ever-louder voices calling for change, further groundbreaking decisions are pending which, partly driven by political decisions, often clash with our own habits. Particularly in these times of uncertainty, external pressure is often a source of resentment, as recent surveys on the topics of “combustion engine ban” and “electromobility” have shown.

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Goodbye, stress – hello, relaxation.

Change is a challenge for people. This is due to change often being associated with uncertainty, people are therefore inclined not to leave their own comfort zone and to perceive change as a threat. Adapting to fundamental change and new conditions therefore sometimes causes problems, particularly given that changes are often associated with losses, whether in terms of stability or personal convictions.

Embrace the unknown

“It can be difficult to say goodbye to familiar things and embrace the unknown. Electromobility is still fraught with prejudice among many people. This negative attitude ensures that new opportunities are not recognized and a positive impact on one’s own usage behavior is not perceived.”

– Dr. Alexander Klose, Executive Vice President Overseas Operations at Aiways

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In an increasingly fast-moving world of progress, the switch to e-mobility can also provide more balance, focus and relaxation. Listen up. And Love Your Drive.

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